BCBioHacking Survey And Upcoming Neurofeedback Meetup Event

So I was supposed to write a post about the top 3 biohacks that everyone should be trying out…but, well…the past few days have been really hectic. But that’s ok…because I will definitely followup with that blog post at a later time. First, I’m devoting more and more of my time to building the community of avid lifelong learners who are passionate about biohacking.

Amongst all the hustle and bustle, I found some spare time to put together a quick 20 minute BCBioHacking Survey for all our Meetup and Facebook members.

In keeping with the our code of ethics, I’ve made the a blank copy of the survey freely available as a PDF to all our members.

Initially we did beta-tested with several members prior to launch, so that we could fix any bugs. A big thank you to the select few (David, also at @daveyedwards, Brady, Chris, and others) who provided critical feedback in a timely way.

Since our guidelines also dictate that all information published must be open-source, I’m therefore sharing a link to this blank PDF with the general public. Please feel free to check out the survey. The permissions on the file are such that anyone who has access to the link can download it for free.

Also, if you spot an error or a section on the survey we could improve, we welcome your feedback so that we can continuously develop it.

The link to the blank PDF of the BCBioHacking Survey is here:


Oh…if you haven’t heard, there’s an upcoming Meetup on Monday May 16 from 7pm- 9pm that’s going to be a hands-on demonstration of Neurofeedback. I’m really looking forward to it. You can check out more information about it here: http://www.meetup.com/bcbiohacking/events/230960982/

This Meetup you will have plenty of hands-on opportunities to try wireless Neurofeedback for yourself. We will be exploring how to use the EMOTIV EPOC+ EEG along with the Brain Activity Visualizer.


Photo Credit: EMOTIV

The EMOTIV EPOC+ is a revolutionary 14 Channel Neuroheadset and Scientific Contextual EEG offering high resolution and full spatial resolution. The EPOC+ puts the power of tracking EEG brain waves into the hands of BioHackers and people passionate about brain science.


Photo Credit: EMOTIV

I’m definitely looking forward to meeting many new people who are eager to learn more about this amazing technology.

For more information on the EPOC+ check out these videos below:


About bcbiohacking

Avid lifelong learner, willing to explore everything and anything that will help me radiate limitless energy, focus, health and flow in everything I do.
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